Mitu praises Smita Bansal and her daughters, Stasha and Anaagha’s acting chops in Smitasha: This is a family of performers that I’m happy to have tapped

Smita Bansal and her daughters, Stasha and Anaagha’s display acting chops in Smitasha and this is a family of performers that I’m happy to have tapped, says Mitu

Jyothi Venkatesh

Writer, producer and director Mitu and actor Smita Bansal’s association go back in time. They first worked on the TV show Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. Years later, the duo is back together for a YouTube series Smitasha. Interestingly, the show marks the debut of Smita’s daughters, Stasha Mohla, 18, and Anaagha Mohla, 9.

“We used to meet occasionally but then our respective work kept us occupied. When I started organising ground events, I had got in touch with her again to invite her for one such occasion. And that’s when we reconnected. Then, during the lockdown, when I was making SEIZE THE DAY for my YouTube channel, is when we got in touch again. I had hesitatingly called her for an episode and she readily agreed to work. Not just that, she shot it so well and with so many different variations that it was a pleasure editing her segment. That’s when I think the germ of Smitasha subconsciously developed. In between, we have been talking about doing something together,” says Mitu.

The response around Smitasha has been good. “People are enjoying the series. They first liked Stasha and then with Anaagha the response was even more positive. My mom too has become a fan. It’s Anaagha’s cuteness and spark coupled with Stasha’s smartness and relatability that has created the magic. The fact they are real mother-daughters of course is a very big advantage because that is what brings the realness in the show. Smita, of course, holds the show together. It has been quite a fun ride,” Mitu praises her cast.


Smitasha was conceptualised during the lockdown, when they were toying with the idea of making something fun, light and relatable. Exploring the mother-daughter bond was also on her mind. The series has about 22 episodes and deals with all Gen Z things.

“Mother-daughter relationship is universal, and always works. I share a very special relationship with my mom and a few episodes are based on our own interactions as well. Both mothers and daughters come up with these great one-liners to help educate each other. In some ways, the show is an ode to my mom too,” she adds.

Smita’s birthday was on February 21 and Mitu came up with a special episode to celebrate the occasion. “It’s an episode of the daughter’s celebrating this special day. It is also our thank you note to Smita for her time, effort, enthusiasm and support,” she says.

Talking more about the show, Mitu shares the happiest memory of the show is to see Smita shoot with her daughters and having so much fun. It was fun to see a mix of the mother doubling up as a co-actor and teacher.


“The care, the concern added to the professionalism was such a warm sight to witness. Adding to this is Smita’s script sense which is great. It’s more of a collaborative effort.  The Pet episode was another fun shooting too. Another memory is my first day of shooting with Anaagha. Smita was shooting. Stasha and Anaagha were there with me. Stasha and I bonded as by then we had shot together quite a few scenes but I was meeting Anaagha for the first time on that day. We spoke and kind of broke the ice. We started shooting and then her close-ups started. And, it was a revelation. The girl is a natural! I have shot with a lot of kids but this girl, on her first day, was a performer. Stasha too is good, she knows the camera and good behind it as well. I called up Smita and told her about all these. But my star still is Smita. When she started shooting, I wanted to bring out the lighter side of Smita. We have mostly seen her doing leads and serious roles. She is very good, when you watch the show you would know. I think this is a family of performers that I am happy to have tapped,” Mitu signs off.

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