Suchhi Kumar and Abid Bhai : Uniting for Birsa Munda Extraordinary Journey !

Suchhi Kumar and Abid Bhai : Uniting for Birsa
Munda Extraordinary Journey !

Ranchi: Prepare for an exhilarating cinematic journey that will transport you back in
time to witness the incredible story of Birsa Munda, the fearless tribal leader who dared
to challenge British colonial rule in the 19th century. In a brilliantly orchestrated casting
decision, the versatile actor and captivating storyteller, Suchhi Kumar, is gearing up to
embody the heroic Birsa Munda in an upcoming film destined to be an epic

Suchhi Kumar, hailing from Jharkhand, shares a deep connection with this project,
thanks to his close friendship with Abid Bhai, his elder brother-like friend. Abid Bhai has
been a constant source of motivation for Suchhi Kumar, urging him to bring the story of
Lord Birsa Munda to life on the big screen.

During a media interaction, Suchhi Kumar expressed his gratitude for the unwavering
support of Abid Bhai and also took the opportunity to discuss the project with the Chief
Minister, Hemant Soren, and the Tourism Minister of Jharkhand, Hafizul Hasan.



Hafizul Hasan, known for his down-to-earth demeanor, left a lasting impression on
Suchhi Kumar during their meeting in Jharkhand. Suchhi Kumar was deeply moved by
the warmth and hospitality extended by the Tourism Minister.

Suchhi Kumar visit to Jharkhand was a memorable experience, and he felt a sense of
pride as he shared details of the Birsa Munda project with the state Chief Minister and
Tourism Minister. He also praised Abid Bhai as a remarkable individual and a great
humanitarian, highlighting their joint efforts in supporting various NGOs and helping
underprivileged communities. Suchhi Kumar left Jharkhand with a profound sense of
fulfillment, inspired by the enduring spirit of the region and the incredible journey of
Birsa Munda.

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