Arshi Khan Interview – “I don’t mind being called a drama queen”

Arshi Khan

“I don’t mind being called a drama queen”

Arshi Khan talks to JYOTHI VENKATESH about being part of BCL and who she loves to watch in the tournament.

BCL has begun, what is the response you are getting?

BCL is not for getting a response, it is just for entertainment and it is not for building your career because here we don’t showcase our talent and acting here. It is a reality show where you fight for your team and play for it. In this way, you gain praise from the audiences.

You have a love and hate relationship with Rakhi Sawant, what do you have to say on that?

No comments, I don’t like her at all.

Who is your favourite player in your team?

I like Paras, he is a very good baller and batsman. He is an all-rounder player of our team.

Who is the hottest player according to you, and why?

I did not find anyone hot as yet, I am sorry ( laughs) I was actually searching for some hot players but could not find any. So hence, my efforts of finding one did not succeed.

You are called the drama queen onscreen and off screen. Comment?

Everyone does drama because acting and drama is one and the same. And if I am being called the queen of it so it is a big thing for me. We actors do drama to earn a living so if I am called the queen,

I don’t mind. If I have acquired that position in one and a half year so it is wonderful, isn’t it? There are people working for 20 years in the entertainment industry are not able to achieve a lofty position in the industry. So, I consider myself very lucky.

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